Monday, 22 December 2008

'Create Not Hate'

this is some stuff i am working on the for the charity 'create not hate' which aims to encourage creative industry professionals to see the potential in the youth of today and give them opportunities.

the core of my idea is to highlight the notion of "the youth of today" as something which has been around for decades.

as long as there are teenagers, there will be old fogies asking.....
"what's the matter with kids today?"

Saturday, 6 December 2008

GCSE Biology......

Current sketchbook developing ideas for my ongoing work and forthcoming degree show, which draws ever closer.

Grizzle Emcee

"You want the hip-hop? I have the hip-hop"

Here's a piece of work made for Grizzle Emcee, the up-and-coming U.K. 'Rhyme spitter'. Promoting his debut single 'Lighters Up'

He wanted something along the same lines of Shephard Fairey's work. He likes it, and thats nice to know.

go check him and his music out at grizzle emcee's myspace page

thanks kids.

D&AD I'm in the annual...a.k.a 'In Book'

My designs for Gollansz Publishing's series of science fiction novels. Under the banner of 'Space Opera' the brief asked for cover designs to entice a new readership to the science fiction genre.
Sadly I didn't win, but the winners and runners up were pretty bloody good, so I don't feel bad......I feel triple proud to be amongst their number.

These are just two of eight designs, it's hard to show but the final designs were actually plain white.---nothing there---the patterns were embossed into the card

Friday, 5 December 2008

The Power of Grayskull !!!

These two are from a series of images inspired by my childhood, which basically revolved around cartoons and action-figures. Then burying said action-figures in the garden or leaving them behind in a shoe shop and crying the whole way home.

Brand new shiny home......for me.

Here lies the very post of my Blog, a blog which will be updated weekly---there I said it, now i have to live up to that--I am now half way through my third and final year of my Illustration degree, so 'word on the street' is I'll be making truck loads of work to fill my posts with!

yep, Definitely.....