Tuesday, 28 July 2009

MONSTAR collabo

so here's the result of a 'consequences' style collaboration with Tigz Rice and Vinesh Shah. i made the body, vinesh made the feet and tigz made the scary 'gary numan-esque' head....and all without seeing eachother's work along the way.

i'm pretty confident it's name is Christine, a name that has appropriate stephen king connotations and very special meaning to all wetsminster graduates.

"do what you mother tells you children, or christine will get you"

also, massive credit to Tigz for doing all the organising and cutting / pritt sticking the pieces together in her computer!


Chetan Kumar said...

I think the name Christine suits it!
" Do you know what I meaaan???"

Tigz said...

"you know, I'm not really sure that I get what you're trying to say with this?"

Emma Cowley said...

Lol, very amusing! Good work all three of you!